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Metro Detroit Airport


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Where are you located?
We are located a quarter mile north of I-94 on the west side of Merriman Road.
What exit off of I-94?
Exit 198. Follow the service drive until you see Merriman road.
What time should I be at your lot to make my flight?
Qwik Park suggests 2 hours in advance. Please allow 30 min for our service.
What is your regular rate?
Our rates are $14.00 per day and we offer a discounted rate of $13.00 with online reservation or coupon.
How do I get the coupon?
Click here for the coupon. Join our mailing list to receive monthly emails with special offers. Follow us on Facebook for updates.
Can I use a competitor's coupon?
Yes, at our current coupon rate.
Do the shuttles run 24 hours a day?
Yes, we run continuously every 5-10 minutes up at the airport.
How will I know where to park when I arrive?
There will be a person at the window that will ask you which airline you are traveling and then they will direct you to the aisle which we are parking at that time.
Do the drivers help with the luggage?
Yes, they will assist with the luggage and load it on the shuttle.